The future isn’t what it used to be
A detective story
The nature of time
The speed of light is not constant
How gravity works
The principle of equivalence and other myths
The old quantum theory begins
The old quantum theory and Bohr
A potted history of quantum mechanics
Quantum electrodynamics in the 1920s
Quantum electrodynamics in the 1930s
Quantum electrodynamics
What is a photon?
The photon
The hole in the heart of quantum electrodynamics
How pair production works
The electron
The positron
The screw nature of electromagnetism
How a magnet works
Why magnetic monopoles do not exist
What charge is
The mystery of mass is a myth
What the proton is not
The proton
The neutrino
Electromagnetic gauge theory
A partial history of the weak interaction
Electroweak theory
The nuclear disaster
The neutron
The nuclear force
The mystery of the missing antimatter
Black holes
Hawking radiation
The Hawking papers
The information paradox
Dark matter candidates
Dark matter
A compressed prehistory of dark energy
The Big Bang
Dark energy
The edge of the universe
The fate of the universe
What energy is
Quantum gravity is a castle in the air
Quantum computing and the quantum quacks
The double slit experiment
Mysteries of physics part1
Mysteries of physics part2
Mysteries of physics part3
Mysteries of physics part4
Mysteries of physics summary
Einstein’s unfinished revolution
Quantum physics is cargo cult science
Misconceptions skewered
You can lead a horse to water
Misconceptions in gravitational physics
Misconceptions in particle physics
Even physicists don’t understand quantum mechanics
Grand Unified theories
A grand unified history lesson
The TOE that Maxwell missed
A worble embracing itself
The theory of everything
Why clocks go slower when they’re lower
Something is rotten in the state of QED
L-shaped contrails
A brief history of black holes
How to tell science from pseudoscience
Propaganda and censorship in politics
Propaganda and censorship in physics
Physics blogs
The trouble with physics
Most laymen completely misunderstand what a black hole is
The black hole charlatans
We have to talk about LIGO
The leptoquark hype
UFOs and Aliens
Of mice and men, and what must the neighbours think of us?
The gamma bomb
Physics is dead, long live physics
The James Webb Space Telescope
The race to invent new particles is pointless
Back to the Moon
Quantum entanglement history I
Quantum entanglement history II
Quantum entanglement is scientific fraud
The psychology of belief
We need better planes
Nature and corruption
The Nobel prize in physics 2023
The Tomorrow War
Do black holes have singularities?
Breakthroughs in physics 2023