Here’s a list of physics blogs, please don’t hesitate to tell me about others:

Peter Woit’s Not even wrong
Sabine Hossenfelder’s Backreaction
Adam Falkowski’s Resonaances
Ethan Siegel’s Starts with a Bang
Matt Strassler’s Of particular significance
Sean Carroll’s Preposterous Universe
Luboš Motl’s the reference frame
Anonymous man’s 4gravitons
ZapperZ’s Physics and Physicists
Jean Louis Van Belle’s Reading Feynman which is replaced by
Tommaso Dorigo’s quantum diaries survivor, also see his new personal web page at INFN and his posts on AMVA4
Cormac O’Raifeartaigh’s Antimatter
Peter Coles’s Telescoper
Capitalist imperialist pig
The physicsworld blog
Jeffrey O’Callaghan’s Unifying Quantum and Relativistic Theories
Andrew Oh-Willeke’s Dispatches from turtle island
Ioannis Xydous’s Reaction force inversion
Oldand Dilis’s
Tom Anderson’s

I will be adding further entries, and some brief notes. See this article for some opinion.