UFOs and Aliens

It’s a big big universe. The diameter of the Earth is about eight thousand miles, so the circumference is about twenty five thousand miles. If you could walk twenty miles a day and didn’t have to worry about little things like rivers and mountains and oceans, it would take you one thousand two hundred and fifty days to walk twenty five thousand miles. That’s over three years. The Moon is about two hundred and fifty thousand miles away. If you could walk to the Moon, it would take you over thirty years. Then Saturn is about a billion miles away. A walk to Saturn would take you more than a hundred and thirty thousand years. Then it’s about two billion miles to Uranus, about three billion miles to Neptune, and about four and a half billion miles to poor little Pluto:

Planet and moon sizes image from the PhysOrg Planet or dwarf planet article by Tanya Hill. Image credited to Primefac

After that, the distances get really big. A light year is 5,878,625,373,183.6 miles, and it’s 4.24 light years to Proxima Centauri. So our nearest star is circa twenty five thousand billion miles away. That’s 25 trillion miles, or 25 x 1012 miles, or a three-billion year walk. Then our Milky Way galaxy is maybe two hundred thousand light years across. That’s 1,175 quadrillion miles, a quadrillion being 1015. So the Milky Way is about a quintillion miles across, a quintillion being 1018. As for the size of the universe, nobody really knows, but the observable universe is thought to be 93 billion light years in diameter. That’s more than five septillion miles, a septillion being 1024. That’s a lot of miles.

You’d have to be crazy to think that aliens don’t exist

Not only that, but there are thought to be between one hundred and four hundred billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, and two hundred billion galaxies in the universe. Some say there’s a lot more galaxies than that, maybe two trillion. I’m not sure myself, but I am sure there’s a lot of stars in the universe. Maybe there’s as many as a septillion stars in the universe:

M107 Hubble image courtesy of NASA, see the Wikipedia Messier 107 article

That’s a lot of stars. So very many that you’d have to be crazy to think that none of them have any planets with life. Intelligent life. The real deal. So you’d have to be crazy to think that aliens don’t exist.

You’d have to be crazy to think that UFOs don’t exist

You’d also have to be crazy to think that UFOs don’t exist. That’s because strictly speaking, UFOs are UFOs. They are Unidentified Flying Objects. That thing in the sky might be the Goodyear blimp, or a Chinese lantern, or just a drone. But if it’s an object that’s flying, and if it’s unidentified, it’s a UFO. So, we can be sure that aliens exist, and we can be sure that UFOs exist. Of course though, the $64,000 question is this: are some of those UFOs the real deal? Are they real UFOs? The flying saucer UFOs? The things we mean when we say UFOs? Are they alien craft?

There’s no conclusive evidence that UFOs are alien craft

To answer that, we have to look at the evidence, and that’s when things get iffy. Because despite all the reports, there’s no conclusive evidence that UFOs are alien craft. Not only that, but all those hoaxers really don’t help a bit. There are old photographs of UFOs that look like obvious fakes. Some aren’t quite so obvious, but they still look suspiciously like hubcaps thrown up in the air:

1950 Redbud Illinois image by Dean Morgan, from the Express article The Truth Is Out There: 150 years of UFOs

In similar vein, there are contemporary videos that definitely look like they’ve been photoshopped. Or concocted in some other way, as per the best fake UFO videos by On Demand Entertainment. Take a look at Curry Jean’s 2009 article Top 10 Most Famous UFO Hoaxes. He starts by telling you how Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic magazine, got children to make UFOs then photograph them hanging from fishing line. He says “the pictures didn’t look tampered with to a professional photography analyst – he couldn’t see the fishing line, and the images were not smudged”. He also tells us how Ray Santilli disappointed believers in 2006 by admitting that the alien autopsy was faked. LOL! Then there’s the crop circles, which have always made by plonkers with planks:

Public domain Crop circle image by Jabberwocky

Come on now, did you seriously think that all those Mandlebrot crop circles were made by UFOs? Some people do, because some people just love their fantasies and their fairy tales. They want to believe, even when there’s no evidence at all for the things they want to believe in. Like angels and demons and 72 virgins in paradise. Or time travel and M-theory and the many-worlds multiverse.

Even the best UFO images are suspect

Anyway, you can find a whole lot of other UFO hoax articles, such as Tim Printy’s piece Can you fool all the UFOlogists all of the time? He ends up saying “it becomes apparent that even the best UFO images are suspect”. Also see the 2016 Express story which says a UFO expert claims there has NEVER been any real pictures taken of an alien craft. Nowadays you can even get an app that lets you generate some fake footage on your phone. FFS. My personal pet hate is alien abductions. I just sigh at the way people make up all sorts of stories. See for example the Travis Walton abduction, the McPherson Tape, and Barney and Betty Hill. I don’t believe any of it, especially the “adult” stuff, if you catch my drift. I’m not a fan of cattle mutilations either. I’m not alone with all this. Project Blue Book started in 1952 at the height of the UFO “craze”, and was wound up in 1969 with the following conclusions: 1) No UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of threat to our national security. 2) There was no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as “unidentified” represented technological developments or principles beyond the range of modern scientific knowledge. 3) There was no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as “unidentified” were extraterrestrial vehicles.

There’s no evidence that the UFOs are alien spacecraft

It’s pretty much the same now, nearly seventy years later. There’s a report to Congress due later this month. You can read about it on Mindy Weisberger’s Live Science article Pentagon’s long-awaited UFO report to Congress due this month. According to various news sources, it’s going to conclude that there’s no evidence that the UFOs are alien spacecraft. I share that sentiment when it comes to the recent US Navy videos. The footage is genuine US Navy footage, but I don’t think the UFOs are genuine UFOs. They look like camera artifacts to me:

Screenshot from US Navy video, see Leaked: Pentagon’s UFO Investigation Spotlighted In New Photos And Video

See the USA Today article by Mick West called UFO sightings: Why federal reports probably won’t point to aliens. He said things like this: “The most compelling video, ‘Gimbal’, seems to show an actual flying saucer skimming over clouds then coming to a stop and bizarrely rotating into an aerodynamically impossible position. But closer examination of this video showed that when the ‘object’ rotated, other patches of light in the scene rotated. The only possible explanation being that the rotation was a camera artifact. See his Youtube video here: Gimbal UFO: Why Does the Glare Rotate When the Horizon Does Not? The glare is rotating because the camera is rotating.

Gimbal screenshot from Mick West’s YouTube video, originally from the US Navy

Also see the Sixty Minutes video Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs. It features Luis Elizondo and Chris Mellon. Not everybody is impressed with these guys. See for example UFO Expert May Not Have Worked for Shadowy Pentagon Program by Keith Kloor. He says this: “To the Stars, which raised more than $2 million from investors, was originally hyped as a UFO research company that would explore the ‘outer edges of science’, but its Security and Exchange Commission filing identifies it as a ‘Motion Picture & Video Tape Production’ concern”. I am reminded of Finding Bigfoot. It’s a TV show that’s been making money for ten years now. In every episode the excitement rises as they hear a howl or see some movement in the deep dark woods. But in every episode, they don’t find Bigfoot, and they haven’t found him yet. Quelle sur-prise! I am not a fan of the showmen who make money from this sort of thing. Especially when it comes to UFOs. That’s because I know they exist. Because I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

The abrupt change of direction is the thing

In July 1998 I was smoking a cigarette in the back garden at about 10 o’clock at night. I noticed a star overhead moving slowly North to South. It wasn’t a particularly bright star. I thought it was a satellite or perhaps a plane, only then I saw another one moving South to North on the same line. When they got close to one another, maybe an arm’s length thumb width apart, they both changed direction instantly, one after the other. The first one was now heading East, the second was now heading West. I ran inside and got my SLR camera with the telephoto lens and took about half a dozen pictures. Unfortunately once developed, the photographs came out totally black, every last one. I hadn’t had any practice of taking photographs of the sky at night. So I have no evidence whatsoever. But I saw what I saw. The abrupt change of direction is the thing. Or a very rapid linear acceleration or deceleration.

This technology is not consistent with the capabilities of any nation

See the Fox news piece where Will Cain talked about the level of g-forces and the change of direction, and said the US government said “this technology is not consistent with the capabilities of any nation to our knowledge”. He was talking to Jeremy Corbell, who talked about aerospace vehicles that are able to outmanoeuvre our greatest warplanes. He said “this is something that the military is very interested in, and they have been lying to the American public”. Corbell finished up emphasising that UFOs are real. Another Fox News piece features our very own Nick Pope:

Screenshot from What does the Government Really Know About UFOs?

He said this: “Every day, it seems like new information drops, things that the public and the media weren’t told. So, for example, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe just threw into the conversation the other day, the fact that the satellite imagery of all of this and some of the speeds being reported seem to blow the theory about foreign drones out of the water“. Pope also referred to pilots and radar operators, and said “the US Navy has instructions for its pilots on what to do if they encounter these things”.  Google on Nick Pope pilots for more.

The best people to talk to are pilots

I say that because the best people to talk to are pilots. Check out the PPRuNE website. That’s the Professional Pilots Rumour Network. Search for UFOs, and there’s plenty of hits. You can read things like this: “Many Airline pilots, self included, and Military pilots have had encounters at altitude with UFOs over many decades and before the internet. Encounters are reported internally and amongst colleagues and seldom reach the media which would, of course, just love to play with it as they play with themselves. When you are fortunate to be a close witness, it is really quite serious stuff”. There’s also threads like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic reporting UFO over Ireland. Follow the links to UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation to read things like “the object had come up along the left side of the aircraft before it rapidly veered to the north”. There’s other sources kicking around, like this: Retired RAF pilot reveals multiple close encounters with UFOs. When you read this, you can empathize: “All four of us on the flight deck saw exactly what I saw, obviously, and agreed with my description. Furthermore, when I reported it to Nice ATC, a Pan-Am reported that he could see exactly what I saw and agreed with me. I don’t doubt that all his crew saw it as well”. You have to talk to pilots yourself to really get what they’re saying. Usually after plying them with alcohol, because a lot of them don’t want to talk. When they do, you take note of the big oval silver thing that went over the top of the Virgin Atlantic 747 at Mach 3, then stopped. And the way the crew gawked at it as they approached for long long seconds. Then zip, it went back over the top of the plane at Mach 3 and was gone, just like that. Snap!

Once you know how gravity works, you know how they do it

It’s always the same amazing acceleration, be it in the guise of linear motion or change of direction. Once you know how gravity works, you know how they do it. Imagine you’re in a spaceship travelling through space at a constant velocity. You’re weightless, floating around in there, with no g-forces acting upon you. Then you close in on planet Earth, and start to slingshot around it like the Hermes went round the Earth in The Martian. At all points in that orbital loop you stay weightless. There are no g-forces on you at all. It’s similar if you contrived a flyby past a white dwarf, You could make a gradual right angle turn, and at no point would you feel any g-forces. It’s similar again if you contrived a flyby past a small black hole. Your right angle turn wouldn’t look so gradual, instead it would look more like an abrupt right turn. But you still wouldn’t feel any g-forces:

Blue marble Earth courtesy of NASA, drawings by me

Now imagine your ship could generate an intense gravitational field in the space outside the ship. If you want to turn left, you generate a gravitational field to your left. Then you free-fall left in an orbital until you’re going in the direction you want. Then you turn the field off and continue on your way. If your field is intense your turn will be abrupt. If you want to speed up, you generate a gravitational field in front of the ship. If you want to stop, you generate a gravitational field behind the ship. If it was a really intense field you could stop on a sixpence. At no point do you feel any g-forces. On top of that, you could generate a field above the ship that exactly balances the Earth’s gravitational field, and then just sit in the sky. Or you could give the field a little extra juice and float up gradually, like a balloon. Space travel would be so much safer with artificial gravity. You could even use your field generator to contrive something akin to gravitational time dilation inside the ship. You could arrange for most of your crew to be effectively in stasis during the long journeys from star to star, with a rota for the guys on watch. You’d be wanting to do that because you wouldn’t want to use the relativistic rocket trick for time dilation. You don’t want to be travelling too close to the speed of light. For one thing you might hit something. For another, the speed of light varies with gravitational potential, and if you somehow found yourself travelling faster than the local speed of light, bad things would happen. I’ll tell you about the gamma bomb another time.

The authorities have been actively discrediting UFO evidence for decades

For now, what I want to say is this: when you’ve seen these things for yourself, and talked to expert witnesses, you know that the authorities have been actively discrediting UFO evidence for decades. Multiple witnesses see something silver and shiny flitting around the sky, and it’s dismissed as the planet Venus. Or a lighthouse. Or a weather balloon. Or a bird, a black ops plane, or a meteor. Meanwhile some academic asshole will try and tell you it was a meteor the size of a walnut or that we’re the only intelligent life in the galaxy. It reminds me of the way some say there’s no evidence of voter fraud. The evidence is right there in front of their face, but they always dismiss it, and then they get their “fact checkers” to say that’s not a smoking gun. Like I’ve been saying, this sort of thing is all too common nowadays, and not just in politics or in physics. When it comes to UFOs, the authorities always say there’s no evidence that UFOs are real. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, so I think there’s a good reason for that. You ain’t gonna like it.

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  1. The Physics Hermit

    Composite images (blue marble) from the crooks at NASA and CGI ufo nonsense doesn’t impress me.

    When are you going to review the documentary entitled ‘American Moon’ that can be found on youtube?

    There we find NASA to be a bunch of lying sacks.

    1. I’ll take a look. But let me tell you this: I like NASA.. I expect to be working for NASA soon.

  2. Greg R. Leslie

    Great job as usual John, I agree with most of what you think on these subjects. Starting with the Roswell Incident there has been at first a localized cottage industry than has grown into a multi-million dollar worldwide industry. Talk about cargo cults !
    With that said, there are two areas of documented data that makes me believe in intelligent alien life and that we have/are being visited: 1. The collective oral and written histories of the vast extent of human cultures that have ever existed mentioning visits from the Star People. 2. That ancient humans alone could have made the great pyramids of Egypt and Meso-America.
    On the subject of the current military videos, I would like to mention a very plausible explanation for many, if not most of pilot reports: humans for years have had the technology to made things stop,travel, change directions at high mach speeds and g-forces. These things are nothing more than photons being manipulated via military Blackbox projects to confuse and cause disorientation with pilots.
    Ladtly, I was born,raised and still live in the Dayto,Ohio,USA area, home of Wright-Patterson AFB. Many Blackbox projects are managed and carried out here. It was also the original home of Project Bluebook.
    Best of luck John working for NASA, hope ya’ll likes Florida…………

    1. Hi Greg. Yes, there’s a lot of stuff in history. Enough to make me think that we have had “visitors”. But I don’t buy all the Erich von Däniken stuff I’m afraid. Or humans for years have had the technology to made things stop,travel, change directions at high mach speeds and g-forces. That’s because money talks, only I don’t see it talking about this subject. What I see is this instead:
      I like Florida. I saw a shuttle launch from Cocoa Beach once. I can’t remember which one it was. We’d been in Orlando and drove across to the coast via the Beeline Expressway. We had difficulty getting a motel room and I couldn’t understand why. When we finally got one the receptionist told me It’s because of the launch.. I kind of said Huh? because I’d been to the launching of nuclear submarines. And then I realised she was talking about The Shuttle. We watched it from the beach, and I took photos. Great stuff. What’s not so great is that most of the astronauts who’ve been to the Moon are dead now:
      Apollo astronauts who walked on the Moon

      1. The Physics Hermit


        Gee, the physics “detective” is going to work for NASA to tell lies to children.

        Looks like space travel has been a dud so far. SpaceX video you provided is of a CGI rocket. So I provided my own video 1.5 hours long of a real detective doubting man walking on the moon.

        1. the physics detective

          Sorry, Physics Hermit, your comment was in the spam folder. Can I say though. that I am not impressed by the video you linked to. It says this: “This video is a rare video of one of Marcus Allen’s best presentations which provides ample evidence that the Apollo moon landings were hoaxed”. That’s just conspiracy theory crap. And if I didn’t believe in free speech in science, your comment would stay in the spam folder.

  3. Greg R. Leslie

    I won’t ever watch another ” 1969 Moon Landing was Faked ” video after the first one many years ago. The authors never can convince me as to why would our government and NASA spend so much time and money to decieve the public . I think it’s a case of ” delusional psychotic paranoia getting in the way of a good story ” !
    I’m glad you’ve been the the U.S. and Florida. I’m from a colder climate, Midwest America. And also possess too much Celtic,Nordic and Germanic DNA to tolerate the hot sun and high humidity. Alligators,
    poisonous snakes and giant insects don’t interest me at all either. LOL!
    If you are ever in Dayton,OhighO check out U.S. Air Force Museum, it’s bigger and better than the Smithsonian in Washington D.C..

    1. Ditto. I hate all that conspiracy-theory nonsense. Why do people feel the need to indulge in that sort of thing? Especially when there’s real serious issues to look into, where the evidence is crystal clear.
      Actually, my favourite place in the USA was San Francisco. Florida was nice, but it was all very flat, and rather touristy and suburban. But anyways, that was a long time ago now. I fear San Francisco wouldn’t be my favourite place now. Hmmmn. I hope everything pans out for you Greg. And for the USA in general.
      Yes, I will check out that USAF museum: https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/. One day!

  4. Navid

    As the Covid pantomime continues, is it not time to put aside the old conspiracy phraseology that you were taught by a 3-letter agency. They, who inserted it into the mainstream media culture to weaponize thought after JFK’s good riddance. Call it organized crime if you want, if that talks you off the emotional ledge. The UK in 2020/20201 is a shining example of the organized collusive state that is truly diabolical, and even tries to hide antivirals from the people. Grow up.

    I find it interesting that you are talking about UFOs. People who are talking about them right about now, when the fake disclosure is coming from the criminal deep state, well I think THEY should be under scrutiny. Your data doesn’t line up with the best journalists on the matter, who have actual documentation and interviews with insiders. Then there is missing $20T that Catherine Austin Fitts discovered shovelled into special projects https://www.bitchute.com/video/1JJH24Wl4nl7/. This is not new, it’s the continuation of the German WWII state’s work. If you research NASA you will understand the connection. They don’t know how to break the news to us, all that has happened, but it will unravel.

    If you are serious about studying the alien presence, go watch the Dark Journalist. A serious academic. His interview with one of the actual conspiracy club (the Mellon family) is stunning and worth more than https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtY5iISsMAY

    Please do your homework. You have to know how to filter the fake conspiracy from the real research and if it isn’t your serious life’s work you won’t be able to navigate it.

    1. I have a different take on it, Navid. For example, I don’t think much of conspiracy theories, but I do think JFK was shot from the front. As for who was behind it, I’d rather not say.
      I will look your links.

  5. Greg R. Leslie

    Strange coincidence John, the JFK assassination is the one and only conspiracy theory I even remotely belive in !
    My personal hypothesis is : 1. Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, 2. he was a fall guy patsy double agent, 3. it was clandestinely carried out by Castro with only Khrushchev’s blessing ,but not the rest of the Soviet regime. It was payback for the Bay of Pigs fiasco followed by the Missile Crisis. That is why Khrushchev was quietly and secretly sacked long before the West found out about it. And it is also the reason why sanctions have been continuously enforced against Cuba. All of this and the whitewash Warren Report was to keep WWIII from truly happening in 1963-64.

    1. I agree with some of that, Greg. My personal hypothesis is: 1. Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. 2. He was a fall guy patsy. 3. It was clandestinely carried out by LBJ. Hence the whitewash Warren Report.

  6. Well this isn’t going to work, now is it:
    A craft using an inertial mass reduction device comprises of an inner resonant cavity wall, an outer resonant cavity, and microwave emitters. The electrically charged outer resonant cavity wall and the electrically insulated inner resonant cavity wall form a resonant cavity. The microwave emitters create high frequency electromagnetic waves throughout the resonant cavity causing the resonant cavity to vibrate in an accelerated mode and create a local polarized vacuum outside the outer resonant cavity wall.
    Classifications B64G1/409 Unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems
    2016-04-28 Application filed by US Department of Navy

  7. Greg R. Leslie

    I too laughed when I read awhile back that the U S. Navy was going to patent EM Drive. They also have given up on railguns too, for hypersonic drive conventional ballistic systems.
    LBJ and the Dixiecrat Mafia are damn good second guess suspects as well !

  8. The following is a recent documentary about 1973 UFO/Alien landing in Pascagoula, Mississippi.
    You are always free to disbelieve it all, but like in a Court of Law, to be unbiased and to do justice, we need to carefully consider testimonies of multiple witnesses of this incident :
    Just six minutes of another multiple witness testimony :
    Maybe it was not “real”, but many normal skeptical people took it seriously enough not to dismiss it off hand as a hoax:

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