L-shaped contrails

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been run off my feet with work. Like that woman at the end of Twelve Monkeys, I’m in insurance, and work is pressing. But anyhow, very briefly, I wanted to show you something I saw yesterday evening: L- shaped contrails. At least that’s what they looked like:

There appears to be two, one lower, one higher. Here’s another picture I took a few seconds later:

I was in Poole looking west, at circa 18:53 GMT.  Interesting, that!


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    1. A paper on aluminium poisoning in India? I think you’e on the wrong website, Navid. Especially since the 1930s is nothing special. It gave us Born-Infeld theory, which I think is pretty good. But it was studiously ignored by the Copenhagen School, and now nobody knows about it.

  1. Greg R. Leslie

    Interesting to think why the contrails split off at right angles? Such clean,straight lines. I’m sure there are some solid meteorological and chemical explanations as to why.

    1. the physics detective

      I’m sure there’s some solid physical reason too. I don’t believe in magic. I was wondering if they were left by a couple of F35s doing vectored thrust, But then I thought they wouldn’t be able to shed the East-West velocity instantly. Or should that be North-South velocity? That’s if they are contrails of course. And of course, I thought I shouldn’t mention this sort of thing.

  2. Greg R. Leslie

    In a moment of sibling love, against my better judgement, I allowed my only brother John W. Leslie to sign me up to Peter Mandeville’s UFO F.B. page. The one main bone of contention that I pick with all the others on UFO sightings is exactly what you stated: how does one defy wind resistance,gravity and inertia? The only answer I can come with is: Light ! Photons and electrons in the form of holographs? Perhaps an advance counter measure by our military to confuse the enemy? Or if it is extraterrestrial in origin, perhaps scientific probes? Pure speculation as always, but me thinks in a more logical manner.

  3. Roy Lofquist

    I spent many hours at altitude and many years in the Great Sonoran Desert. You see lots of very strange things when the air is clear and dry.

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